Naturum Tåkern

Naturum Tåkern

Most people visiting the lake Tåkern go there to watch the multitude of birds living there or passing by. To inform and enthuse visitors of all ages a playful exhibition invites them to explore the surrounding nature.

The exhibition is designed as an abstract and scaled up version of the surrounding ecosystem with oversized reed beds and a children’s playhouse shaped as a gigantic bird house. There are nooks and crannies where adventurous children can play, signs, interactive displays and sculptured wooden birds. By layering the exhibition with information it is possible to just get the most basic information, or to find out more about specifics. This creates an interior environment that entices and directs the visitors towards the real nature waiting just outside the building.

The exhibition was produced in cooperation with Modell & utställningsteknik through Roland Thörnqvist.

TAKERN_MG_5012_ret_jasTAKERN_MG_4364Tåkern, Wingårdhs05-2012Tåkern, Wingårdh ArkitekterTAKERN_MG_4345

TAKERN_MG_4978_ret_jas Tåkern, Wingårdhs06-2012 Tåkern, Wingårdhs06-2012 TAKERN_MG_5027_ret_jas TAKERN_MG_4197 TAKERN_MG_4640