Zanat Branchmark

Zanat Branchmark

During the autumn of 2014, we designed three pieces of furniture for Zanat. Two tables – “Branchmark (3)” and “Branchmark (8)”, and a sofa called “Branch (Marked)”.

Branchmark (3) Table
The idea behind this table is to use the vertical forces by the remarkably stable wonder on three legs. One of the three legs is branching for added sturdiness and character. Leg endings, one of them hand-carved, create playful marks on the surface of the table top. The arts and crafts are celebrated through the hand-carved narwhal leg.

Branchmark (8) Table
The dance of legs with different woods and hand-carved patterns (as the narwhal leg etc) leaves interesting marks on the table top. Branch mark (8) Table is the winner of the Interior Innovation Award 2015.

Branch (Marked) Sofa
The Branch (Marked) Sofa has joined company with Branchmark (3) and Branchmark (8) tables to celebrate the joy of vertical forces by the ease of support. The arts and crafts are celebrated through the branch carving and it is a shared memory of the playful carvings executed in our adolescence. It is all about the mystic of romance and the meeting between the male and the female (=life).

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Branchmark (3) Table



Branchmark (8) Table1_Branchmark_8_table  3_Branchmark_8_table 4_Branchmark_8_table

Branch (Marked) Sofa1_Branch_Marked_Sofa 2_Branch_Marked_Sofa 3_Branch_Marked_Sofa 4_Branch_Marked_Sofa 5_Branch_Marked_Sofa