Miss Clara

Miss Clara

Since the beginning, the seven storey Art Noveau building was a girls’ school drawn by Hagström & Ekman in the early 1900’s. Taking advantage of the possibilities of the building and maintaining the time typical characteristics we transformed the former school into a hotel for The Nobis Group.

Original building qualities included a beautiful entrance door, great windows with original fittings, deep niches, generous ceiling heights and a unique stairwell. With these favourable attributes our main task became to shape a welcoming, functional and intuitive environment. From the street on ground level sweeps into the building the urban wind and in turn creates an urban fell to the room that circulates around the central vertical communication core. Here, you may find the social spaces such as the restaurant, bar and lounge.

In total the hotel houses 92 rooms starting on the first floor. All rooms have been designed in a way that feels well-planned and intimate. This has been achieved through bespoke solutions for fixed as well as loose furnishings where purpose and demand have been keystones in creating the ideas. In the way that the space has been carefully designed, materials too have been selected with care and consciousness to maintain a sustainable interior.

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